Sunday, December 21, 2008

Remembering Dad

This Blog is dedicated to remembering our father, John Goettsche, for the purpose of helping to pass on his legacy to grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc... The idea of writing down specific memories of Dad came to me when I realized that it will be difficult for me alone to give a complete picture to my children of who their grandfather was with out help from others. In fact, many of his grandchildren were very young or not even born when he passed. I know all of you have great memories that will be enjoyable to read. I think you'll find that as you start writing, more things will come to your mind. My hope is that not only will this preserve his memory for his posterity, but that his good example will help remind us of how we should strive to be.

Please post your memories by emailing me at, I'll then paste them onto the blog. Happy Remembering!


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