Thursday, February 19, 2009

Memories from Mom

I don't know where to begin: John wrote about our meeting and dating. He swept me off my feet on the dance floor (at the World's Most Beautiful Ballroom, The Trianon, as it was known then, in Chicago) our beginning date. Being 6 years older than me, made my present boyfriend seem like my younger brother. At the same time since I was a bit younger not ready to be serious, John said he chased me till I caught him.

When we became engaged, DEC. '49, my Mother and my Aunt thinking I was too young for marriage, manipulated me in to visiting my aunt in the south for a month. They knew I loved visiting there, and they thought the separation from John would be testing our relationship. It back fired on them, and we became more determined, since "absence makes the heart grow stronger", and we continued with our wedding plans.

Years after our marriage, and raising our seven children, before 14 years later Jason our 8th, well many times when I was very tired at the end of the day, during the years of raising our first 7 children, then we would attend a church dance. I came back late at night from the dance and I was energized like I had a good rest and was all fresh again. Dancing with John was relaxing, he was a great dance partner. We danced through life together.