Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Memories from Shane

There is a lot of memories I have about grandpa, I’ll have to sit down one day and write a book about him. But since I completely dropped the ball on this, especially since Jason asked me about this a year ago and I’m just writing this today, [ and I’m doing it at work] here is just a taste of the wonderfull memories.
“good morning to you” was the greeting I got from him every Friday night, as mom brought me over to spend the night with Jason, and every sat. morning first thing he would say to me is good afternoon. I always got a kick out that, infact I found that as I got older I do the same thing to my nieces and nephews, and they just laugh and say” uncle shane you are silly.”
Every summer I got to go with gandpa, grandma, and Jason to silent valley for a weekend or longer. I remember he would take Jason and I to the pond to catch bluegill, and we always caught a lot, I remember the pool, the bike rides, the tennis, the game hall, and grandpa’s light blue leisure suit. Oh he didn’t just wear it there he always had a leisure suit on. I was too young back then to notice but as I got older he is the only person I can think of, that I have ever seen wear one of those, and I’m glad for that because as time has gone on its hard to remember him by just his face, but, if I think of the suit I can see him clearly.

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